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Sunday, April 17, 2005

don't look now it's the National Front

Yesterday we held the Northern Regional List Conference for the Alliance. I spent most of the time doing food stuff, until I was interrupted by the Grey Lynn Community Centre Coordinator who asked me if we had put posters up on the arch outside the doorway. I wasn't sure where the arch was so he proceeded to show me and it transpired that whilst our name was on the propaganda it wasn't ours.

Far from it - it was from the National Front:

There was a big poster stuck on the front door with little National Front stickers (featuring the snazzy slogan "Family - Folk - Nation," which invokes visions of young blonde children in lederhausen dancing in the Alps.)

There were little leaflets carefully pinned to the wooden arch just outside the centre itself, which clearly explained the links between the Alliance and Communism, including that some past members spoke at the same conference as some SWO people.

Other investigations by the NF show that the Alliance has produced a Manifesto along similar lines to the Scottish Socialist Party, who have a link on their website to the Trotskyist Socialist Workers Party.

Damning stuff I'm sure you'll agree.

Clearly pinning up leaflets after the people you have come to confront are all oblivious to your presence, and at the other end of the building, is in keeping with one of the keystones of the NF:

"...the National Front differs from those that do nothing. The National Front is an active organisation that takes action in ways which will benefit our society. "

Is it just me or are the National Front just the teensiest bit Pythonesque? Next time they bug me I'm going to threaten them with The Comfy Chair.


Aaron Bhatnagar said...

I hope it's just a coincidence that the "Front" part of the pamphlet was covered up :-)

Reminds me of when a telethon was held on Boxdog - a show on the old MaxTV music channel. The telethon was for the Veejay's speeding ticket. The ticket was prominently on display, but the Veejay held his finger over the "Po" part of "Police".

Oh for the days of Krispy the Klown and his assistant "Happy" on MaxTV's Boxdog.

Span said...

Yep it's a coincidence AB - it was a sticker so I couldn't remove it without ripping that bit of the poster and making it even worse.

I miss Max too. At least Toni is still around ;-)

AL - nope I think I missed that article, a link would be much appreciated. And apparently they are based in Paraparaumu (which I'm sure they insist on calling "Para-pa-ram").

Span said...

apparently they also turned up at the Lower North Island Regional List Conference, which was in Wellington, and actually handed out the leaflets themselves. Some of the older comrades went outside and gave them a ticking off. I will try to find out if the material they used was the same.

A while back we got a tabloid in the letterbox talking about the Catholic (and Jewish) conspiracy to bring about the End of Days - turned about to be the Seventh Dayers.

Unknown said...

I've always found the National Front to be vaguely hilarious, because they're just so illogical and creepy that it's funny. As is seen in their logical conclusions about the Alliance being card carrying Bolsheviks. How's that for political genius?

Someone should really print some defamatory posters about the National Front and homosexuality, then they'd be too busy frothing at the mouth to do anymore photocopying and pasting. Racists love to froth and bluster.:-)

Idiot/Savant said...

Scott: I got one of them too - plus a half-page ad in the Manawatu Substandard (it was apparantly in the Swede-eating Times as well).

Anyone who uses the phrase "Christian nation" is a kook.

Span said...

Yep it was the same leaflet in Wellington - apparently it was the Alliance Otaki candidate, Margaret Jeune, who hoed into the NFers big time. I will post up the text when I get a chance (probably tomorrow night) but it is circulating on the NZActivism loop already (from the Wellington crowd).

Hans Versluys said...

Are female members called National Front-Bums?

Lewis Holden said...

Uroskin - ROTFLMAO!!

Span - The NF in Wellington where out harassing people with their anti-Alliance propaganda at the bus stop the other day. They were also handing out their 'Save the Flag' BS... all I can say is, I hope their flags were made in Taiwan...

Span said...

thanks for the report lewis - i suppose i'm should be glad someone still thinks we're a threat to the status quo ;-)

Asher said...

They aren't based in Paraparaumu, that's just the PO Box of long time Nazi Kerry Bolton, their (now former) National Secretary, who does all their writing. Kyle Chapman (marae firebomber and National Director) is in Chch, as is their new National Secretary (and son of a Vichy collaborator) Anton Foljambe.

Anonymous said...

Hello, left-wingers! Anton Foljambe here. Rather perplexed to read that, according to your last contrubutor, I am, in addition to being the Membership Secretary for the National Front, also the "son of a Vichy collaborator" (sic). To the best of my knowledge, my father has never set foot in France, rather he was born in that exotic Gallic location of Whangarei. Once offered the Labour Party nomination for a safe seat (which he declined) he is best known as a long-time fathers' rights activist with "Families Need Fathers" throught the 70s and 80s. Maybe your correspondent could check his facts first next time, or is that asking too much?

Anonymous said...

Anton Foljambe? Surely not short for Anton Foljamberg - you wouldn't be related to the Jewish watchmaker Foljamberg by any chance?

Asher said...

Apologies, I got my long time New Zealand Nazi activists mixed up with each other.