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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

probably not toeing the party line, but anyway...

Following on from my post from Way Back about blogs by students' association affiliation (past or present), here is my breakdown by political party affiliation - including supporters as well as actual outted members.

Please do tell me if I have anyone wrongly pigeon-holed, or have missed anyone out. Seat and/or list ranking in brackets for those who are candidates:

Andrew Falloon - (no. 34 on list)
Asian Invasion - Cathy Odgers - supporter, not sure if member
Clint Heine - member
Hidesight - Rodney Hide, Party Leader (Epsom, no. 1 on list)
KiwiPundit - Nigel Kearney (no. 50 on list)
Lawyer in Sin - Sean is a member
No Turning Left - MikeE, member
On the Right - Mike Heine (Nelson, no. 35 on list)
Rob's Mob - Scott Clune (no. 31 on list)
Silent Running - Bruce, Murray and David identify as "Act/National"
Sir Humphrey's - Gooner is a member, Zen Tiger is a supporter (and also posts on Zen State)
Stanley Climbfall - supporter, not sure if a member
Walking the Right Path - Jono Newton is an active member and also posts at NZ Paradigm and Dollars, No Sense

Joe Hendren
- (no. 15 on list)
Victor Billot - (Dunedin North, no. 8 on list)
Chris Ford - (Dunedin South, no. 12 on list)
spanblather - member and candidate

Communist Workers' Group
Reading the Maps - Scott is a member
Red Rave - CWG blog

Destiny NZ
Kea Blog - supporter

Bloggreen Aotearoa - Kakariki, member
Frogblog - official Greens blog
Last Straw - Christiaan Briggs
resistant soy - member

Jim Anderton's Progressive
Prog Blog
- supporter, probably also a member
SubversNZ - Paul has a pic of his membership card in a post

About Town - Tristan, Xavier, Paul and Kate are all Labour members, not sure about the others Just Left - Jordan Carter, National Council rep and Hobbs' campaign manager in Welly Central
Bertrand Bargolias - Michael Wood (Pakuranga, no. 58 on list)
Commander in Chief - Jeremy Greenbrook, member?
Philosophically Made - Stephen and Oliver are active Young Labour members
Ranting on the ROK - Stef, member
Tim Barnett - Current MP (Christchurch Central, not on the list?!)

Julian Pistorius - Deputy Leader (Northland, no. 2 on list)
Not PC - Peter Cresswell (no. 5 on list)

Aaron Bhatnagar - involved in Jackie Blue's Mt Roskill campaign
Adam Hamilton - not official, group blog from enthusiastic Nats
I Hate Socialism - Gary and Ashley are both members
Kiwiblog - David Farrar, Blumsky's campaign manager in Welly Central
NZ Pundit - Craig at least is an out and proud Nat
Silent Running - as for Act
Sir Humphrey's - Adolf is pure National

NZ First
First Against the Wall - jarrod reckons he's a pity supporter, but i think it's a Friends Like These situation ;-)

United Future
Fiona McKenzie - (Wellington Central, no. 19 on list)
NZ Futurist - Robin Gunston (Mana)
United for a Better Future - Terry's a supporter

Currently I'm not aware of any NZ First or Maori Party bloggers but (and you won't see me write this often) I'm eager to be proven wrong! Also anyone aware of any other party member/supporter bloggers, eg Democrats for Social Credit, please let me know in comments.

Update the First: thanks to I/S and AF for tips regarding Rob's Mob (Act) and Kea Blog (Destiny NZ). Keep them coming! Also fixed a couple of layout mistakes (oops).

Update the Second: thanks to those in comments who have provided more tips regarding Libz, UF, Act and National bloggers. Just to clarify, the list is of members who are out, and also those who have said they are supporters of a particular party.

Update the Third: added Jono, Zen Tiger, Clint, Sean and fixed Fiona. Please note that this is a list of blogs who support one particular party, either by membership or as a supporter, rather than being any kind of history of people's leanings or inclinations. Any more additions please add them to the comments - also any more mistakes that are spotted - I am at work today but will fix them when I can.

Update the Fourth: added Silent Running - thanks for the email Bruce - and made a few updates to where some people were running (electorates and list spots). Thanks also to everyone who has linked to this post, it is certainly getting the hits up, which is always shamefully gratifying ;-)

Update the Fifth: removed Mellie, added CWG blogs and FATW (although i'm not sure he's the kind of supporter Winston would want...)

Update the Sixth: added Stanley. Also see this post for a bit of analysis of the above list.

Update the Seventh: added in Last Straw and Phil U, as instructed rs ;-)

Update the Eighth: removed Phil U again

Update the Ninth: added SubversNZ (thanks to D for the tipoff)


Idiot/Savant said...

Interesting. Public Address and No Right Turn seem to be the only major left-wing blogs without a formal party affiliation.

Oh, and Kea Blog supports Destiny NZ.

andrewfalloon said... is run by Scott Clune, 31 on the ACT list.

Anonymous said...

David (may have) worked for the Labour Party a few years back.

and i think Damien's a closet ACT supporter.

Idiot/Savant said...

Che: He did - he was one of Geoffrey Palmer's speechwriters. But that's as close as it gets over there.

Span said...

cheers ears :-)

Anonymous said...

Tim Barnett has a guaranteed electorate win, maybe thats why he's not on the list?

Asher said...

Proudly unaffiliated here...

Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling said...

Paul, at About Town, is a Labour party member.

Ashley Clarkson said...

Gary and I over at Ihatesocialism are both Nats.

Anonymous said...

Re Public Address: David wrote speeches for Geoffrey Palmer but stayed on for a while after the 1990s election. Damian was an Act staffer. And I was a member of the Labour Party in Auckland Central for several years, mostly as a show of support for a friend of mine who had to help rescue the electorate organisation after Prebble's outfit left scorched earth in 1993. None of us have any affiliations now, but sometimes we have to send Damian to stand outside on the deck when we have dinner parties ;-)


Bomber said...

I confess previous Act Party membership, support and employment, followed by dispondency, disillusionment, anger, protest and now a quiet hope the Maori Party will achieve something (even if it is just a voice of protest). Given that seemingly contradictory history and my non-activity and non-membership in any party, I declare my independence.

Bomber said...

Oh, and surely RB is Labour party. I mean come on! Relentless apologist is the close enough isn't it? How many lame defences of the government and open statements of Labour party support does he have to make to be in the labour camp!? Eg. Bhatnagar is more critical of his party than RB is of Labour. He is Labour's Minister for the Internet, and should be acknowledged as such (and yes, I mean that in an ambivalent way).

Prog Blog said...

Errrmmm...shouldn't you be disclosing you are four on the Alliance list?

Idiot/Savant said...

My mirror image, No Turning Left, is an ACT member - as is Mike Heine (candidate for Nelson; 35th on list).

And Tim, it's membership that's important here, not sympathies.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

I could not see any mention of Sir Humphrey's. For what it's worth, I have publicly declared more than once my membership of the National Party. I am aware one fellow author (Gooner)is a member of ACT. Of the other authors affiliations I have no idea.

David Farrar said...

Fionqa McKenzie blogs and is the United candidate for WC

Unknown said...

"what about isn't fair...!!!"

Anonymous said...

Robin Gunston is a UF candidate.

Peter Cresswell said...

Julian Pistorius, Libertarianz Deputy:

Anonymous said... is independent with a strong liberal bent as in free markets and social liberty. He doesn't like fundamentalists of any strip apparently. Seems to like Brash and Hide personally but not pleased with National as a party or with about half the ACT caucus. He clearly thinks the extremists are New Zealand First, the Greens (on environmental issues particularly and science), Destiny, Christian Heritage and the Libertarianz in that order of importance. The archives are fun and worth reading and the illustrations to the stories are worth looking at since they are usually well picked and amusing (though sometimes disturbing as in the case of the man shot to death on the London Tube by the police by mistake.) All in all I'm not sure we can classify this site into any party.

Hans Versluys said...

Proudly unaffiliated here but I have never voted Tory in my life and I'm not about to start soon either.

Just my opinion said...

I am ACT and proud too :)

ZenTiger said...

I support ACT this election, but am not a member of ACT or any other party. I post at Sir Humphreys and my own blog, Zen State.

Span said...

thanks everyone, i have added in those with affiliations, either as supporters or (out) members. sorry to anyone i have missed out in the first post or any subsequent emails, it is from ignorance more than anything else!

Prog Blog - please don't speculate on people's identities. i can confirm that i am a candidate, but i am neither going to confirm nor deny my list placing as i am an anonymous blogger for various reasons. i have respected your anonymity, kindly return me the same courtesy.

Span said...

sorry i cannot keep up with all the comments right now - Zen Tiger and Clint you will have to be added later on today as I have to do some work! :-)

Anonymous said... party member...currently blacklisted/non-person..(they don't take criticism


Anonymous said...

Dagny over at the Locke Foundation appears rather pro ACT.

Anonymous said...

The name is Fiona McKenzie (without the Mac and with a z not an s) if you're going to write people's names, have the courtesy to spell them correctly!

Jono said...

Ok well I will also throw myself in here, I am an active member of the ACT party and am out campaigning hard why I am not blogging too much at the moment. I post on Walking the Right Path and also NZ Paradigm and finally Dollars, No Sense

Bren said...

Talking about spelling fiona's name wrong... The web address you gave for her is also wrong. :)


Span said...

as i have already said, mistakes or omissions are not to get at anyone, they are due to ignorance and time constraints, hence i appreciate people pointing them out in comments (as long as you don't get snippy about it my lovelies.) just about to update again.

Sean (Lawyer in SIN) said...

ACT member and supporter (from self-imposed tax exile...)

Anonymous said...

Seems to have turned into a 'me-to' thingy.

Anonymous said...

Hey there....Im a new (reinvented) blogger - Humdinga Politics ( - Not a member of any political party, but I have voted Labour, Alliance and New Zealand First. So I am a left winger (most of the time). Will never vote National/ACT/United Future.

MikeE said...

Indeed, Act Member and Supporter as mentioned Above.

GeorgeDarroch said...

indeed Green...

Anonymous said...

There are also a couple of commie blogs: the Communist Workers Group has

Nick Kelly has/had one but I can't find it, and my rather half-hearted effort is at: functions much like a collective blog, as do several e lists, for instance NZ Activism.


Oliver said...

Just to note, Span, Mellie on Phil Made is NOT in Labour

Jarrod said...

As there appear to be no bloggers supporting NZ First, First Against The Wall would like to generously offer to throw our hat in the ring, and our (exclusive) support behind Winston.

We believe we can leverage the net population decrease generated by NZ First's groundbreaking immigration policies until eventually there are just a dozen or so of us left in NZ. We figure that's about the manageable upper population level for a functional anarchist collective.

Span said...

thanks folks, have updated again :-)

GeorgeDarroch said...

you should add Phil U at Whoar - to the Green list. He's at least a supporter, if not a member.

Likewise Christiaan Briggs of Last Straw at

Span said...

ta muchly rs - Phil did say he was ex-Green so i took that as not really an affiliation...

GeorgeDarroch said...

whoops, sorry span, didn't notice the change :)

Don't know the details, but it disturbs me. I know others who've left for personal reasons, despite being wholehearted supporters of the Green policy and vision.
The next 3 years will be interesting, as Gov't always intensifies things...

GeorgeDarroch said...

In which case you might want to remove Whoar/Phil U - I've got no idea if he'd want to be in that list.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Labour Party member:


cbmilne33 said...

Sunday/27 August/2006.Sender:Colin Bruce Milne.620 Park Road,Te Awamutu.Waikato.3800.New Zealand.Tel:0064-7-871-7520.
Dear Comrades/Citizens,Yes I am an Alliance Party member as is Len Richards (newsoc).What we should do to get us talking together is get all our fellow Alliance members blogs listed on an Alliance Party blogsite linked to both our Alliance Party website and the Socialist Unity Network (socialistunitynetwork)blogsite etc.Yours Fraternally,C.Bruce Milne.C.B.Milne.