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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

disagreement in a caucus of two?

Remember this from Rodney Hide's recent speech, you know, the one that created much furore on the Right side of the blogosphere:

"Don Brash will lead National into the next election – so long as his caucus keeps their collective nerve.

But Don must kill the question over his leadership quick smart.

He should take a leaf out of the late Sir Robert Muldoon's book when confronted with the “colonel’s coup” in 1980.

Sir Robert reached beyond his caucus and enlisted his supporters across the country to retain his job and dispense with the ambitions of his opponents.

Don Brash needs to front up at caucus on Tuesday and put his leadership on the line. He needs to tell those MPs who are destabilising his leadership to put up or shut up.

They won’t put up. They don’t have the numbers.

Don then needs to ask the National President and Party Head Office to conduct a ballot of all members to test their support for his continued leadership.

Compare and contrast with this, from Act's The Letter:

Instead of wasting time, demanding pledges of loyalty, National need to review their parliamentary tactics.

The speech was delivered on February 2nd, The Letter went out on February 7th.

Has Hide changed his mind within a week or does Prebble still write The Letter?


David Farrar said...

Prebble still writes it. In fact it is now hosted on its own URL away from ACT.

Anonymous said...

I don't quite get what your title has to do with this, Richard is no longer is caucus, Heather Roy is

span said...

Nonny, the title is merely a small poke to point out that when the party is small you'd expect there to be little disagreement. Of course experience (particularly mine!) tells us otherwise.

DPF - if it's not hosted on Act's url and they are maintaining some distance from it as an official Act thing then perhaps they need to change its title from Act's The Letter, which is how it is listed on Scoop...