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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

merger rumours inaccurate

apparently the Maori Party and the Alliance are set to merge - this is not the case and is merely a media construct - while we are about to have a big discussion at our regional conferences (in August) about our electoral strategy (and future), and that will probably include talking about our relationship (if any) with the Maori Party (and the Greens, and the Progs, and Labour), there have certainly been no "negotiations".

personally i would be opposed to a merger, for reasons i will probably come back and expand upon when i'm not quite so busy.


Jordan said...

are you sure? ;) if the alliance president can be sacked and replaced by dictatorial fiat, who can say what else might be going on?

span said...

well i'm pretty sure now that a merger won't happen. my instinct is that the membership are generally against it. of course we haven't really talked about it. plus there is no indication from the Maori party that they would want us!

(not that i'm happy about what happened with our president, far from it!)