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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Because I am a total sheep, but you knew that already.

Ten Firsts
First Best Friend: Fiona W
First Screen Name: AAA (when making the high score table on the Good Ol' spacies)
First Pet: Freckles, cat.
First Piercing: Ears, about a year ago.
First Crush: The first I can remember was Glen L until I whacked his bag to get his attention and learned the hard way that he played the clarinet. Physical pain clears the fog of inappropriate crushes I find.
First CD Bought: Jazz (Queen)
First Car: Bronze 1984 Fiat Uno, with central locking you could hear across the road and The Devil's Own Gearbox. In a brief but intense affair with a lampost, it's heart was broken.
First True Love: M
First Stuffed Animal: Probably a homemade version of Rupert Bear.
First Words: No idea (as in I have no idea, not I said "no idea")
First Game System: I had a Mario Brothers King Kong handheld back in the 1980s, does that count?

Nine Lasts
Last Alcoholic: A sip of someone else's beer from a Waiheke vineyard in September.
Last Movie Seen: Love Actually, last night.
Last CD Played: News of the World (Queen), in the car this afternoon.
Last Bubble Bath: Thursday night.
Last Time You Cried: Last night.
Last Time You Laughed: At inappropriate placard slogans at a meeting, this afternoon.
Last Time You Fell: Playing tennis, yesterday.

Eight Have You Evers:
Have You Ever Dated One Of Your Best Friends:
Have You Ever Been Arrested: No. But I do have a trespass order (sadly expired)
Have You Ever Been Skinny Dipping: Nope.
Have You Ever Been On TV: Yep
Have You Ever Regretted A Kiss: Yes
Have You Ever Been Drunk: Nup
Have You Ever Slept For 24 Hours Straight: No way.
Have You Ever Worn the Same Pants for 3 Weeks Straight: Has anyone??

Seven Things You're Wearing
Black slides
2. Blue Jeans
3. Red-purple nail polish
4. Three rings
5. Black top
6. Red shirt
7. A smile

Six Things You Did Today
Fell asleep while trying to read
2. Had something I shouldn't have eaten for lunch
3. Returned DVDs on time for the first time in memory
4. Worked out how to get the whiteboard to do printouts
5. Worked out how to get the whiteboard to do printouts you can actually read
6. Tried the new Bundaberg Peachee drink (yum!)

Five Favourite Things
1. Decent books
2. Marathecat, who I believe wants a puppy for Xmas
3. Dinghy sailing
4. The Game (that would be politics, not whoring, Apathy Jack)
5. Nieces N and M

Four People You Can Tell Almost Anything To
1. The Man In The Comfy Chair
2. The Irstimeister
3. Arl
4. S
(actually there's more than 4, but that'll do for now)

Three Choices
1. radio or cd: CD as long as I can skip the annoying songs
2. German chocolate cheese cake or vanilla bean cheese cake: both, together.
3. black or white: red (Official Colour of the Revolution, doncha know)

Two Things You Want to do Before You Die
1. Learn another language
2. Be a good parent

One Thing You Regret
Wasting too much time on the internet when I could have been watching television.


Little Girl in a Black Apron said...

i absolutely love, love actually... mmm hugh grant and that beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

Glenn has two n's, J. :)

span said...

Heh heh I wondered if you were still around RBC :-)

Anonymous said...

I don’t remember the clarinet thing, but I do remember sitting on the bench outside Room 4 at GPS and asking to borrow your little suitcase school bag. You let me and I used it to whack the bush behind you to stir up the bees. I was trying to drive them away … I really was! :)

span said...

my word i have absolutely no recollection of those events! i still have that suitcase though, it's very useful. i wonder if your mum and my mum still chat in the supermarket from time to time?

Anonymous said...

I think they do; and probably continue to lament our "silly political ideas" and wonder when we'll "grow out of them."

Apathy Jack said...

Actually, when you referred to "The Ga,me" my initial reasction was to think that you might be talking about this guy, or this guy...

Jesus Crux said...

what's your trespass order for? mine's for stalking a chick at a uni Christian campus group, i'm no longer welcome at the Christchurch College of Education (for two more years)

span said...

jack - ahhhhh no.

trespass order was for The Rock radio station in Auckland - i was part of a group of feminists who occupied them to protest the incredibly sexist and homophobic ad campaign they were using at the time. quite a while back now.

maps said...

'Have You Ever Been Drunk: Nup'


span said...

why shame S?