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Thursday, December 29, 2005

lazy blogger tries to paper cracks

I'm going to be a little structured about this - here's my favourite post from each month this year:

Jan 30th - benefit envy - why do the rich seem to be jealous of the poor?

Feb 3rd - tending towards the extremes - on NZ media bias

Mar 21st - who pays the carers in a free market world? - rightwingedness and caregiving work

Apr 10th - a barren argument - PM's parental status irrelevance shock!

May 29th - give us a toot - honking hurts

Jun 12th - aborting abortion - rather self-explanatory title methinks

July (I've cheated and chosen two)
July 24th - imagine - Brash and the mainstream
July 26th - you. will. conform. - bullying as a tool to impose conformity

Aug 22nd - working hard for money and working hard for family - Nats seem to want parents spending less time with their kids (Code of Social Responsibility anyone?)

Sep 7th - bear with me - on the never-ending complaints about Maori culture

Oct 27th - eradicable? - prompted by Wayne Mapp's ascension

Nov 24th - saying yes - on rape and consent

Dec 8th - blast from the past - an old story of collective action resurrected


The Ongoing Debate Dept
(NZ Political Parties and the Leftness Thereof Division):

Looks like January could be a good time to write a bit of an assessment and where the various left and centre-left parties are at...

I'd also recommend checking out the posts under a few things worth noting, on the sidebar under the recent comments.

Hope everyone is having a safe and happy festive season - not sure when this thing will be fully operational again.


Aaron Bhatnagar said...

On a different note - feel free to remove the link to my old blog on your blog roll.


span said...

does the use of "old" imply there is a "new"?

Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Certainly not - I'm delighted to be rid of the burden of blogging and happy to retire as just a commenter.

Mr Stupid said...

good lord! where do old blog go when they die?

span said...

mr s - if you're unlucky they get turned into commercial sites parasiting off your high links, eg Greg Stephen's NZ Political Comments site, which he shut down and then someone else started up again to hock off phone cards.

mr b - i'm curious as to why you deleted all your old posts?

. said...