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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The conversation you have when you are not talking about something

The Man With No Lap, my rather frequent correspondent in Wellington, has pointed out to me the following quote from this Stuff article on the Field debacle:

Miss Clark said she had not talked to the Labour party president Mike Williams about Mr Field and his Labour party membership.
The Man With No Lap claims he has some magic beans that may be of interest to anyone who believes that.

However I disagree. I believe our Prime Minister. I'm sure it went much more like this:

Scene: Dark yet smoke-free room in the deepest recesses of Fraser House. Curtains pulled tight against prying eyes, a picture of Michael Joseph Savage in working class wooden frame presides over an oval table at which sit the Prime Minister and the Labour Party President, and no doubt sundry other

Clark: (Voice of steel-type tone) I'm sure I don't need to talk to you about Phillip and his Labour Party membership.

Meaningful look from Clark to Williams, possibly involving the raising of one eyebrow.

Williams: (Jovial yet slightly chilled) I'm sure you don't either.

Clark: (Grimly pleased) Right then, let's move on. What's the current level of preparedness within the Party for a by-election?


PabloR said...

heh heh

now that is much more enjoyable (and accurate) analysis than the endless ranting over at kiwiblog (man, you can go off some people)

span said...

Why thank you kind sir.