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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Irregular service

Well I've wanted to write about a few things but two major barriers stand in my way:

  • Work - seems there was a full moon or something and the beings who create most of my work have been doing stupid things that have meant very long days, many of them away from the office where I actually need to do my work. Hence not much time for blogging in breaks or after hours - said breaks and after hours are already filled with more work.
  • Crazy Xtra - not satisfied with having the World's Worst Spam filter (was away for three days came back to over 700 spams, why am I paying for this service again?) they have now decided to give us crap broadband service at home. And do I have any spare time to sort this? See note above, under Work.



Gary F said...

I've had the distinct impression for a while that the reason why Xtra has been providing my family with crap dial-up service (always getting bumped off, have to try a million times to connect) is to get us to "progress" to broadband. This aforementioned impression has been significantly reinforced by the fact that the problems started as soon as "faster, cheaper broadband" was inaugurated.

That Xtra aren't even providing for their broadband users could be taken as an indication that they are an evil and crap company and everyone who's thinking of giving them business should avoid doing so at all costs.

Of course, this isn't news or anything. But I just wanted to make it clear. There's something fishy aswim with this particular "provider".

stef said...

Makes mental note to not subscribe to xtra on return to NZ.

Make Tea Not War said...

Unfortunately I don't think the alternatives are much better. It was a relief switching to Xtra after Paradise I have to say.

span said...

It seems to have fixed itself. Not sure why it broke, not sure why it's fixed, just glad that it is all A OK.

The issue with the spam though mystifies me - I don't think there is any upgraded service in this dept that I can shell out for, so why be so crap at it? In contrast my gmail is getting an increasingly large amount of spam, but it manages to correctly identify 99% of it as spam and shovel it off into a separate folder without me lifting a finger. Grrrrr. All this spam is basically making my xtra address unusable.