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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Kit kat time

I'm writing this for two reasons:
1. I really am struggling to find a) time and b) inspiration to write much here at the moment
2. Usually when I put up one of these "I'm not going to be posting for a little while" posts something happens pretty quick smart to get me off my lardy arse* and back into active blogging.

Here's hoping...

* Hmm, I guess that ought to be "get me onto my lardy arse", but hey, I'm happy to pretend blogging is exercise if you are.


Heine said...

What I found to be inspirational to get me blogging again was to look at about 25 or so other blogs from all over the spectrum and by the time I was sufficiently pissed off I felt inspired to write up a post or three :)

stef said...

I always enjoy looking in on different perspectives from Kiwiland.

Span said...

See Heine I'm no longer interested in being that oppositional. I don't see the point. You and I are not going to agree, and in fact we are just going to end up getting nasty at each other, so why bother?