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Friday, November 17, 2006

Oh rapturous wonder!

Whilst looking for Deborah Coddington defending herself against Keith Ng's excellent fiskings of her latest faff* on National Radio this arvo** I stumbled across a review this morning of a new Lolly Leopold book.

A NEW Lolly Leopold book!!

Much excitement in the Span household. I adored Clubs, which won the Book of the Year in the 2005 NZ Post Children and Young Adults' Book Awards and really is a work of art, and not just for the drawings either.

The new book is called Billy (scroll down) and it's out sometime this month in hardback.

One part of me is persistently whispering Buy It, Buy It, You Wants It, Buy It, BUY IT!

But another part is aware of the proximity of that orgy of gift-giving, tree-wasting and generally spending money on useless unwanted pap also known as Xmas.*** And that sector of my brain is far more cunning than the profligate part that would see me rushing down to St Lukes right now with the $10 Paper Plus voucher I won yesterday and poking the unaware shop assistants with the corner of said voucher hissing "Billy, Billy, BILLLLLLLYYYYYY!"****

So, if you are a reader who is inclined to purchase Span a small token of acknowledgement of her wonderfulness on the occasion of the inaccurate anniversary of the birth of a carpenter, or indeed you know someone else who is so disposed, then kindly head in the direction of Kate de Goldi and Jacqui Colley's new book with the lovely blue cover.

Thank ye kindly.

* Asian immigration + former Act MP = zany statistical mastication and racism masquerading as journalism
** It's not up there yet.
*** Yes, yes, crossing out the Christ, blah blah.
**** I tried something similar when Clubs came out, after hearing the authors interviewed on the radio. Now when I worked in a bookstore I did actually bother to keep a bit informed about books. I can understand why many who work in such soulless chain stores don't, but disavowing all knowledge of any book called Clubs when it had just won a rather big book prize really took the chocolate eclair.

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hamishm said...

Yay for a new Lolly Leopold book. I heard Kate De Goldi talking about the first one and saying that they were originally going to make the series about Ms Love but Lolly sort of intruded.
Lolly is a true champion.