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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Kiwi Carnival #2 - right here, right now!

Richard, who hosted the last Kiwi Carnvial, has submitted his post UBI, Freedom, and Reciprocity, which argues in favour of an unconditional basic income (something quite close to my heart as well).

Berlin Bear has written an open letter to Helen Clark, Phil Goff and Marian Hobbs, highlighting the current situation in Zimbabwe, particularly Operation Murambatsvina. He applauds the action taken by the New Zealand government so far but calls for a tougher stance. The post makes specific suggestions for further action, based on the recommendations of the Geneva-based Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE).

Stephen Judd, of spleen, has submitted What Winston has woken, which he says is "an abortive attempt at fisking NZ First's immigration policy, before I got too annoyed to continue."

Kakariki delves into the potential ways of reducing our national abortion rates in Stuff, abortions and a bit more stuff.

Aboutown asks Don if they can please please see his tax cut, in Show us your tax cut!, which is not nearly as smutty as it might have been.

I am offering up my post about women taking the bulk of responsibility for contraception, postulating that due to biology the only way to get men to take more of the burden is to give our sons a moral obligation.

Stephen Cooper from Philosophically Made has some interesting predictions to make about the way things could fall out politically in the next few months.

Jarrod from First Against The Wall has contributed his latest incisive political commentary, of the witty variety, in Revolution in progress.

DPF got to take part in a debate on TV One about tax. He blogs about the debate in a post imaginatively titled "The Debate". David advocated that there will never be a better time for tax cuts, and also that he thinks it is silly he pays taxes which are passed on to families who earn more than him. (And he forced me to write that!)

Idiot/Savant, of No Right Turn fame, has submitted Zaoui judgement: it's enough, an analysis of the Supreme Court's judgement in the Ahmed Zaoui case.

Mellie, from Strikewatch, has offered Worker collectives and multi-agent jobs. He says "there are a number of conditions necessary for workers inmulti-agent jobs to have a reasonable chance of improving their terms and conditions in an individual contract environment. Factors include the size of the employer, training costs and complexity of the job, number of other agents employed in the same position and also the supply of skilled labour. Small busines owners are susceptible to manipulation by employees withregards to fears over productivity or losing trained staff, howeverconditions can both mitigate and aggravate these fears."

Meanwhile I've forcibly submitted Jordan Carter's refutation of Brash's statements about gays not being mainstream, and Apathy Jack's Waiting for the dreams, which is all about the art.

The Kiwi Carnvial is a collaborative effort that any kiwi bloggers (including ex-pats) are invited to take part in, by merely submitting their favourite post of the last fortnight to the carnival host. Each fortnight it will be located at a different blog, and you can offer your own fair online domicile at the Kiwi Carnival homepage, where you can also find out about future and past hosts, and how to submit (which is easy peasy folks!).

This is the second fortnight of the Kiwi Carnival - you can read the first Kiwi Carnival post here.


BerlinBear said...

Good job Span! Off to get my teeth into some of those posts now.

stephen said...

I got my first hate mail already. Hoorah! Not.

span said...

i feel left out, i've never had any hate mail ;-) mind you Bertrand Bargolias has been getting it by the bucketload!

Idiot/Savant said...

Talk about the cricket - that'll do it.

And OTOH all I've had are hate comments. I'm yet to receive any honest-to-goodness hate-mail in my inbox :(

stef said...

good job pain I can't access blogger websites at work

Anonymous said...

Re Zimbabwe, I hope you and the Alliance haven't bought into all the anti-tour hysteria Jules: leave that to the Blairites. I've put a pro-tour argument on my sputtering blog at:


Phantasmagoric Political Junkie said...

no posting since the 3rd - I hope you are alright :-)

guile said...

nice, comfy place you got here :)..

span said...

thanks for the concern PPJ, i'm ok and i'm back, although i suspect i'll be posting less from here on in.

span said...

ta muchly guile, may i ask how you found this blog as their seems to have been a big upsurge in visits in the last two days despite the fact that (until a few minutes ago) i hadn't posted for several weeks...

Anonymous said...

Great Post! Wish I would have found it sooner! 8^)