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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Span's list of things that are ahead of Political Correctness on the Must Be Eradicated list:

1. Poverty
2. Sexism
3. Racism
4. Homophobia
5. Domestic Violence
6. War
7. Greed
8. Strategic deficits and creeping privatisation
9. Nutty National Party "spokesman" roles that are really just an excuse to get some media coverage

(Not exhaustive of course.)

Plus Muriel Newman must be spewing - being the UnPC Police has always been her bag.


Maia said...

Did you hear Wayne Mapp on Morning Report? Didn't have a clue what he was talking about, didn't have a single concrete example. Said that the Lord's prayer should stay in parliament while Maori culture should go, because the Lord's Prayer is part of our history. Kept on talking about how the majority should get their way, and minorities have two much power (which I'd agree with, but I don't think rich people was the minority he was thinking of).

gpjwatson said...

I agree with the first six in your post as being good things to eradicate.

The most ridiculous politically correct suggestion I have heard over the past few years regards hate speech legislation.

What a crock, sanitising expression for fear some people may get offended.

pink panda said...

argh they rant about protecting the rights of the majority, but that's what the majority is, the group that has their rights protected by default. you're right - there are so many other things they should be eradicating before political correctness!

Anonymous said...

I assume that white, heterosexual men are number 10 on the list?

span said...

au contraire

some of my favourite people are white heterosexual men.

Anonymous said...

Just so long as they hold the correct 'progressive' views right?

Heaven forbid if he had a right-wing or conservative worldview. To the re-education camps with him comrades!!!

span said...

well i've managed to avoid the temptation to put my incredibly right wing father in such a camp.

and i don't recall ever suggesting the eradication of all the right wing blogs or those who write on them - instead i prefer to debate the issues, even though sometimes it is frustrating.

i'm starting to wonder if "anonymous" is Mr Mapp looking to create some news coverage...