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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bury the 90 Days Bill please

CTU figures show that 297,000 people change jobs in NZ in every 90 day period. I would be prepared to bet money that many of those people will be those most vulnerable - the young, the old, women, immigrants, members of various minorities, the unskilled, those returning to the workforce after time off to have children, etc. Not exactly the kind of people who are in a position to turn down work or dictate conditions.

That means nearly 300,000 workers will be without employment rights at any given time if Wayne Mapp's Ninety Days of Slavery Bill passes.

Here are links to all the media statements out so far from groups planning to oppose the Bill at protests and rallies around the country tomorrow:

The full list of events can be found here (scroll down, note Auckland is protesting in August), and hopefully fair-minded folk can make it along to one and show their opposition.

You can find out more about the campaign to oppose Mapp's unfair Bill at WorkRights.

Update, 10.48am, Friday 21st July 2006: Jeremy has a good report on the Wellington protest here and a few pics too, while Maia gives her opinion on the protest at Parliament here. Scoop also have a whole lot of coverage, including more pics, currently at the top of their front page.


Gary said...

"That means nearly 300,000 workers will be without employment rights at any given time..."

Span, to state this is wrong, so ignorantly wrong.

span said...

Care to actually explain your statement, Gary? If you mean they will have the ability to get sick leave etc, well yes that's true, but there won't be any ability to enforce it.