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Friday, July 21, 2006

Spambot harvester alert

Yesterday I received the below email from a good friend:

[Span's Friend] just sent you this link:
1. Click on your link above to activate it.
2. Complete
your info to enter the Web site.
[Span's Friend] selected you for
this on 07-18-2006 21:57 ET.


For reference, the address of The Names Database is PO Box 550175, Waltham,
MA 02455.

Now I clicked on the link (the one above won't work because I've scalped it) and it asks you to put in four email addresses before you can get on to the second page of the site, which is, apparently, the page you really really want to see.

I put in four email addresses, but was a bit suspicious, so I just put in other emails for myself. It wouldn't accept any emails that it already had so I had to do this a few times, and ended up using fake ones based on a domain name that I end up with all the incorrect aliases for anyway.

Eventually I came up with four satisfactory addys and then lo and behold, I got through to the next page which told me that I could find old friends and schoolmates, but....

I either had to cough up some dough OR give it another 24 email addresses.

So just a warning to anyone else out there who gets this email, because it will doubtless come from someone you know and like - looks like a bonafide spambot harvester to me. And Wikipedia seems to largely agree.

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