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Friday, June 25, 2004

irrelevant knee-jerk reaction from jerk-offs

theme music: you can't always get what you want

apparently the CUB is the same as the Prostitution Reform Bill (forgive me if i have the title wrong) because a prostitute on television used the sentence "love doesn't discriminate and neither should the law", which happens to be used in media statements by many of the supporters of the CUB.

first prize for totally tenuous link of the month definitely goes to SPCS.

and they seem really really upset about it - so many exclamation marks !!

surely one of the main "Community Standards" that the Society would want to uphold is monogamy, which the CUB promotes. Plus they should be grateful that the Govt isn't just changing the Marriage Act and including same-sex relationships in that - then their marriages would be exactly the same as all the people they loathe, heh heh.

seems to me that the world hasn't ended since the Law Reform in the 80s, and it won't end now if the CUB passes. Unless of course it DID end, but none of them were part of the Chosen and are in fact part of the Remnant like the rest of us. That would really get their goats.