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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

something fishy

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Well Mr Peters may or may not be in trouble now. Either way there will be lawsuits flying and interesting times ahead.

I wonder if this will distract the media from more worthwhile political stories for a while - they get into such a feeding frenzy over this kind of thing that other stuff, eg Brash's forthcoming Orewa II, the by-election, etc, may not get the look-in it deserves.

In other political matters, you know something is objectively wrong with legislation when my father and I are both opposed. I'm talking about the new Charities Bill. For possibly the first time since I worked out that the Tour was a pretty bad thing (about age 8) I agree with my Dad on a matter of politics - it's going to be hell on wheels for charities, especially the small ones, to conform with the new legislation, even without bringing any ideological opposition in to the argument. Pity it's getting zilch attention.


span said...

more on this - Winston is suing TVNZ for $7M - wonder how he calculated that figure

Nigel Kearney said...

On the charities bill, I posted a while ago that, for once, I agreed with Sue Bradford. The universe is warping and twisting in on itself. That's not usually good.