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Sunday, June 27, 2004

where are all the women?

theme music: it's raining men

wombling around the nz political blogs it has really struck me, the strong lack of women on here. there's stef, but she's in korea atm, and i've not really found anyone else who isn't a journalist or politician, in other words no other amateurs.

if anyone knows of a site i've missed please tell me.


Nigel Kearney said...

NZPols is an outstanding political blogger, but she hasn't posted since April. This Chick and Tam I am don't post on politics much. No others that I know of.

sarah said...

Yes, I'd have to say that NZPols is about the only female NZ blogger who routinely posts (serious) political pieces. A few of us mention it from time to time. Not that there are even a heap of female NZ bloggers that I've discovered in the past two or so years...

Was there something you were wanting a womanly perspective on? Personally, I reckon you guys have got it covered. ;-)

p.s. How about joining the kiwiblogs webring, so I don't have to add another link to my blogroll? ;-)

span said...

ta muchly to you both - will check them out when i get a chance, (and the blog ring you recommended sarah).

i guess i don't really feel i need a womanly perspective for myself, being one, just that it would be nice to see some more chicks on here! :-)

sarah said...

Ah, there you go. I didn't see your gender in your profile, and assumed you were a bloke! Shame on me! :-o

And you're welcome. :-)