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Saturday, August 27, 2005

a bit more blog analysis

DPF has broken down the numbers of blogs by political party affiliation, but here's a bit more detail, as the list stands today:

Christian parties - 1
Destiny NZ - 1

Right parties - 25
Act - 16
National - 7
Libz - 2

Centre-Right parties - 4
NZ First - 1
United Future - 3

Centre-Left parties - 8
Labour - 7
Progs -1

Left parties - 9
Alliance - 4
CWG - 2
Greens - 3

Which leads to:
Right of centre (affiliated) - 30 blogs (64%)
Left of centre (affiliated) - 17 blogs (36%)

Of course there are no doubt many blogs I have missed out, but as I'm not omniscient you are just going to have to accept my failings or add missed blogs in comments (and many thanks to those who did on the original post listing affiliations).

Just to clarify again, the bloggers I have counted as affiliated are those who have declared for one particular party, which is why some group blogs are listed under more than one party (different bloggers within the same blog supporting different parties, which is generally an Act and National phenomenon).

And this analysis totally ignores the unaffiliated blogs, and both No Right Turn and Public Address are giants amongst the left blogosphere, so it is a bit misleading to just say that ROC blogs outnumber LOC blogs by roughly 2 to 1.

Update: Have added two more Greens affiliated blogs to the original post, thanks resistantsoy, so there are 5 Greens, making 19 LOC now. Meaning LOC affiliated blogs are up three points to 39% (as at 29th August). Another Update: After further reflection Phil U has been removed from the Green list (becoming unaffiliated), meaning LOC affiliated blogs down now to 18, which is 37%.


Anonymous said...

what is CWG?

Idiot/Savant said...

It's also interesting that there are no major independent blogs on the right. No wonder it sounds like an echo-chamber in there...

maps said...

'what is CWG?'

Cuddly Workers Group.

Blog at:
Our paper 'Crass Snuggle' is online at:

span said...

my impression is that those on the right tend to push their party line more, although (most of) the Labour blogs are quite into that too.

some are more sycophantic than others, so being affiliated to a party as member or supporter doesn't necessarily indicate an inability to think or blog independently.

Craig Ranapia said...


Thank you - I was getting ready to fire a broadside at Idiot. I'm quite happy to disclose that I'm currently a member of the National Party and volunteering on the local campaign. Having said that, if Don Brash or the National Party want a spin doctor or PR conduit they will pay... and I don't think they can afford me.

To be honest, I've pretty blog-lite on the campaign because (by and large) my response has been coma or apoplexy - neither state of which lends itself to elegant prose or tight argument.

span said...

no worries Craig - I've seen most affiliated bloggers disagree with their own from time to time. it's human nature isn't it? ;-)

Maria von Trapp said...

this is an old post and I was just mucking around

ME!!! no need to guess ;-)