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Sunday, August 28, 2005

race tightens again

The latest One News-Colmar Brunton came out tonight, pronouncing itself as the "first full poll conducted since National announced its tax cuts this week" and it shows Labour still in front, albeit by a decreasing margin.

The figures:
Labour - 43 (down 2)
National - 40 (up 3)
Greens - 7 (up 1)
NZFirst - 5 (down 1)
Act - 2 (same)
Maori Party - 1 (same)
United Future - 1 (same)

Friday's NZ Herald poll showed Labour's lead falling dramatically after the National announcement, however that sample was only 350 (thanks STC for spotting that), which must mean a margin of error of 7% or more. There are similar problems with the SST poll released today, which shows the same trend.

But all three polls have one thing in common - Labour still in front despite National firing off their big vote-winner. I've got my fingers crossed (and leaflets folded) for Sept 17th.

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stef said...

race on. I get to vote tomorrow!