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Monday, August 29, 2005

a bookish interlude

Ok folks, this has nothing to do with politics whatsoever.

But if anyone out there has recently read Paullina Simmons' The Girl In Times Square, I'd like to discuss the ending.

Look I just think the ending was completely not credible. I actually thought it would turn out to be a dream sequence or something similar, and that she was hallucinating whilst in her coma. The end would then be left open, ie you would never know if she lived or died (or rather died then rather than later). IMHO that would have been much better.



GeorgeDarroch said...

And it's confused portrayal of anarchism... the ending was pretty weak really.

span said...

It was a disappointment really because I absolutely loved the book, ut then the ending was so out of sync. I wonder if she had a different ending but the editor said no? You'd think that someone who's sold as many books as Simmons would have a bit of clout though. It felt tacked on.

In terms of the anarchism stuff, you are so right. It was a very very strange breed of it indeed. I think it was really more a personal vendetta than anything particularly political in nature.