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Sunday, October 29, 2006


In pursuit of yet another self-indulgent Google-fest, masquerading as a Sunday post, I decided to put "span" in and click...

The A and N often seemed to stand for Action Network. For example the Suicide Prevention Action Network in the USA, the Single Parents Action Network in the UK, EU-funded Strategic Planning Action Network, the American Student Peace Action Network, Ohio's Single Payer Action Network, and the School Pyschologists Action Network.

The Small Publishers Association of North American worries me - shouldn't that make SPANA? Isn't that worrying given they are publishers? Similarly, the Student Project for Amity Among Nations ought to spell out SPAAN, hmm maybe entrance standards aren't that high at the University of Minnesota.

Then there's New Jersey's Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, California's Spay/Neuter Animal Network, the Dutch Security PhD Association Netherlands, Spelthorne's Personal Alarm Network, Solidarity Philipines Australia Network from across the ditch, and Arlington's Street People's Assistance Network.

And, although it's not an acronym, it's always nice to know that there's a Norwegian punk band that shares your name.

Spanblather itself came up in spot 222 and after that I stopped bothering.

Now, I wonder what else DPF might stand for...


zANavAShi said...

Dogmatically Prejudiced Fallacies

Lewis said...

Don't look it up. Honestly.

bomber said...

A Global Day of Action

There has to be a stand against Global Warming, and someone has to start making it:

For three days only

Stay tuned, things are about to heat up this weekend

Susan said...

I love that I found this when I googled a word I *thought* I made up... acronymistic.

I'm more worried by the "n" at the end of 'American' in that "Small Publishers Association of North American"... [than the extra "a" in the acronym]

...but have no concerns about the extra "a" in "Student Project for Amity Among Nations" -- I mean, isn't the "a" in 'among' assumed to be lower case?

Anonymous said...

indeed, the "a" in among should be lower case, it is a preposition.