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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Let's raise the age of consent!

Well folks, it seems to me that there's a problem with under-age sex. Too many people are having sex too young. We can't have those young things doing stuff with their bodies that they aren't physically, emotionally or mentally able to handle.

And of course I know they can't handle it! I couldn't handle it when I was doing it at their age either! I'm sure I wouldn't have ended up with arthritis if I'd just kept it all in my pants until my sweet sixteen. Stupid fingerless gloves.

So, to recap, I don't think we need to know why those kids are doing the ol' horizontal boogie before they are legally allowed, let's just raise the age of consent. I reckon that'll fix them young folk.

[/crotchety hypocritical old person tone]

(A more serious post on the really really stupid constant revisiting of the drinking age, which I already blogged about last time around, may follow.)


Psycho Milt said...

Are you sure the raise-the-drinking-age crowd will recognise this as satire? I have my doubts...

Span said...

I think I can pretty safely say that there won't be many of Them reading this blog.

I'm just so fed-up with the ridiculous argument that the best way to deal with under-age drinking is to put the age up. From a purely statistical point of view it can only make matters worse, as there will be more people under-age!

It would be really interesting to see if there is any research that compares the impact of advertising/sponsorship and the impact of the drinking age on the reasons people start to drink. Now that would be much more useful than this stupid knee-jerk up and down stuff.

Maria von Trapp said...

hear hear!

we have our youth rates rally in half an hour!

libertyscott said...

Good post.

What is disturbing is that this is when the conservative right and the conservative left (represented in part by the "Progressives") can rally enough numbers to introduce such nonsense. They basically think that 18 and 19yos aren't adults and are all too stupid to handle alcohol.