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Monday, October 16, 2006

Where In The World Was Span?

With all this heavy political point-scoring going on, here's a pleasant distraction...

Below you will find five photos taken on my travels. The competition is to guess correctly where in the world each of these photos was taken. Guesses should be in the form of a comment to this post and you have to get all five right to win. I've indicated for each one the level of detail required.

If people don't seem to be getting close then I will give out some clues. I cannot guarantee that these will not be quite cryptic in nature.

And what's the prize I hear you ask? A guest post on this site, on whatever you wish to write about.

And of course the immense kudos of winning Where In The World Was Span!
Here are the pics...
Picture 1. Please name the thing this stands on, the city and the country.

Picture 2. Guessers must correctly identify the attraction (for want of a better word), city and country.

Picture 3. Kindly name the body of water, the city and the country.

Picture 4. You are stating the name of the building, city and country.

And finally, where was I when I took Picture 5? Building, city, country please.

Ok folks, let the guessing begin!


Rich said...

2 = Thai Royal Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

3 = Bosphorous (sp), Istanbul, Turkey (guess)

4 = Eiffel Tower, Paris, Texas (ok France!)

5 = Tower of London, London, UK (and quite possibly by the side of the moat??)

stef said...

2= the home of Ho's corpse in Hanoi?

Span said...

My word Rich, that was impressive!

2, 4 and 5 (although not by the moat, in the courtyard instead) are bang on.

3 I need to check as I was looking for something slightly different, but I think you may still be right.

Now if someone can get 1, and correctly repeat 2, 3, 4 and 5, they win!

Sorry stef, not allowed to take pics in Ho's mausoleum. And it's much boxier, actually quite similar to Lenin's now that I think about it.

Anonymous said...

1. Tower on St Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle?

Span said...

Unfortunately I didn't get to Prague Anon, perhaps try somewhere a bit further south...

Thanks for guessing!