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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Crack papering continues - Link Farm!

Any spare online time I have at the moment is dedicated to

  • a) clearing the spam backlog on my Xtra account (gee I love their spam filter - after only 4 days away for work I had 12MB of spam waiting for me); and,
  • b) afixing labels to the over 600 posts on this blog.
Hence some further papering of cracks, this time not with my own posts but by pointing out those of others. Below is a list of posts I'd like to have time to read properly and reply to. If wishes were posts I'd have written at least ten this last week.

Maia's post about Privilege Lists - so glad to know I'm not the only person who has been stuck in a conversation where "of course even being able to talk about this is privilege" has been uttered at some point. Also on Capitalism Bad, Maia's thought-provoking post on abortion looking at different views other the dialectic of pro-life vs pro-choice.

The ultimate post of Che Tibby. It seems like only yesterday I was wrongly assuming his membership of the XX club. Sigh.

Idiot/Savant's article about the role of blogs in political debate, and the resulting, very interesting, comment section.

A post I haven't fully skimmed yet about consent and rape and the justice system, by Ampersand over on Alas.

And of course, how could I avoid mentioning that I am mercifully on the short list of people Johnny the Red intends to refrain from killing. Assumedly that doesn't rule out accidents however.

I hope to return to more regular blogging in the next week or so, as work becomes more manageable and encroaches less on my spare time.

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