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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Back - but...

Just had a lovely break in Rotorua for about a week, now back in town (and back at keys).


Puter is playing up big time. Frustrating me no end and meaning blogging likely to be even lighter, as my profile won't work at all and internet is generally spotty on Nickname Pending's too.

Once I'm back at work (and have another puter to play with) I hope to put this one in to be seen to, but that's not until the 8th.

Actually I'd quite like to be back at work now, unlike Stef's lazy kiwi stereotype, as this is the time of year when the phones don't ring and you can get something done without interruption. But we have a compulsory two week shutdown, so at least it's at a time of the year when you only have to use 6 days of leave.

And, except for this morning, the weather has been sufficiently warm and sporadically sunny so far.

Lake Rotomahana and Mt Tarawera, from Mt Hasard, Waimangu.

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stef said...

That rant of course would have nothing to do with my bitterness about being stuck in a cold school while everyone else is on bloody holiday. Not at all.