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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Little bit of a tidy up

I've thrown around the new template button and whizz-bang here we go. It looked funny with colour bands at the top and the snaps, so I wanted something a bit more neutral.

I like this template except for two things:
1. Blog name has to be in caps. I get all self-conscious when shouting in a non-protesting context.
2. Blog tagline floats in the middle, but blog name hangs to the left. Would prefer both to be firmly on the red side of the left/right equation.

Also I've cleaned out the blog roll. Basically I've taken out the blogs who haven't published for a while, plus those who haven't returned the linky love and are also people I'm not absurdly patient with. (If that makes sense).

This is a chance though to promote your blog for linking - if I took you off and you don't like it please comment. If you're not on there and never were, but would like to be, please similarly comment and I'll see what I can do. Quick responses from Span are not the name of the game 'round here at the moment though, patience please dear readers.

Ok, enough self-indulgence. I might even manage to write something political this week, if I can manage to think of something that won't just encourage the trolls and/or be a wallow-fest of negativity.

1 comment:

stephen said...

Glad we at Finsec still made the cut!