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Sunday, December 17, 2006

A nice day to be in Auckland


stef said...

Oddly a nice day to be in Seoul but for an entirely different reason.

Span said...

Yes, grand pic of the snow on your blog! I've never really been around snow except for my week in Russia earlier this year. I got over it pretty fast once I realised it wasn't all light and fluffy but in fact hard and soggy.

The above pic was actually taken a while back, but it is a pretty good reflection of the weather here on Friday - not only was it sunny but it was actually warm enough for me not to wear a jacket until evening! In December!!

stef said...

Actually that was 'good snow' as it melted relatively quickly. 'Bad snow' is the stuff that sticks around for weeks that the Koreans, in their infinte wisdom, decide to clear by throwing water on the problem which creates ice for me to break my neck on.

But far worse is really cold with no snow as it gets really, really dry to the point where I actually had to buy a humidifer!

Span said...

My word I didn't even know there was such a thing as a humidifier!

Well it's been raining here in Auckers reasonably non-stop since I posted that pic. Ooops. Or at least it sounds like rain - I have no window.

Why does throwing water on snow help to clear it? I assume you mean hot water which melts it??

stef said...

yeah it's usually hot water but eventually it ices up.

I think I might do a post on humidifiers as it really is such a crazy contraption to most kiwis.