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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rollin' rollin' rollin'

After only two years of looking I have finally secured my own pair of proper boot roller skates, complete with red sparkly wheels. I spotted them on the weekend on Trade Me and put a bid in but I didn't want to get too excited in case they turned out to be the wrong size, or I missed out.

Today though, instead of supping from the bitter chalice of disappointment, I fulfilled a rather humble dream - to own some proper adult roller skates, with red wheels festooned sparkle-wise.

What a lovely way to end the working year - last day at work tomorrow, and not a moment too soon. Phones have kept ringing and ringing today, it'll be nice to have a fortnight off, despite that background niggle that January is going to be just as hectic as November and December have been.
Part of me can't believe how busy this year has been - I feel like I've worked a whole 12 months despite skiving off to the northern hemisphere for a quarter of it. Every week I seem to have been able to see a clear patch about a fortnight ahead, but by Friday it will be closed in, full to the brims with running and attending meetings, letter-writing, participating in teleconferences, sitting on my butt for some brain-melting wage analysis, making and returning the endless phone calls, reading, visiting, and all the other regular tasks that are necessary in my job.
In November my grey matter really started to dribble out of my ears when we sat down and looked at the calendar for 2007. Only 6 weeks are at the usual level of expectation - all others require extra. I'm trying not to let it get me down.

Still, positive thinking. Work pays well, is often enjoyable, and does have the necessary quota of universe-saving to keep me sane and happy, and it'll be much the better for a bit of a break. Now if we could just level the carpark, to make it suitable for roller derby...


Krimsonlake said...

Oh, I'm so jealous:-) Roller Skates rock, and they're so hard to find. I've looked through many a secondhand store hoping to find some, but no luck.

Have you tried them out yet?

Span said...

I had a wee roll on the carpet, but then Nickname Pending invoked the no-roller-skating-in-the-lounge rule (justification: scares the car).

Hoping to try them out proper like on the weekend - unfortunately we live at the top of the hill so realistically i am going to have to drive to somewhere flat (oh the shame).

This really was a very lucky find indeed - every few months I've put "roller skates" into trade me and usually all i've got is those stupid sneaker ones. Perserverance!

Stephanie said...

so you'll be down on tamaki drive this weekend trying them out?

Span said...

I had a little pootle in the driveway before, but really it's not suitable.

Yep, I'll be down to tamaki dr when I get a chance, but probably not until next week now.

zoom zoom zoom!

Cactus Kate said...

They are even red!!!

Your favourite colour.

How quaint.

Plenty of the over 50's will be jealous of you in those.

Span said...

Ah Kate it's always so nice to have you pop in and be senselessly prickly. Joys of the season and all that!