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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Damien O'Connor - from the horse's mouth

When I was on holiday recently I read a Perspectives article in the Herald about Damien O'Connor.

Yes you read that right - not only did I read a whole article in the Herald (and a reasonably long one at that!), but also I voluntarily read something about Damien O'Connor. Wonders will never cease.

Anyway, it's all about his experiences as Minister of Corrections, and it's a very interesting read. It paints a picture of O'Connor that I admit surprised me considerably.

He talks about the struggles he has trying to get some Vote Health money carved off for mental health issues in prison, and the strong focus on rehabilitation that he feels is needed. O'Connor also has some telling remarks to make about the Sensible Sentencing Trust, in particular the agreement he thought they had reached about rehabilitation being A Good Thing, which Garth McVicar and his associates then flip-flopped on.

Well worth a read, imho.

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