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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Shaken (not stirred)

Let the competition for best Auckland Earthquake Blog Post Title begin!

It was quite exciting to be in an earthquake I could actually feel. Many's the time I've been in Welly and someone has said, oh did you feel that shake five minutes ago, and I've had to sadly answer nope.

We were watching the first episode of BSG's second series, and the shaking at first felt like some kind of really bonus extra. Nickname Pending didn't feel it at all, and the cat was totally unaware. So much for that theory about animals having some kind of earthquake ESP.

Of course if anything had fallen off a shelf I probably would have screamed, shortly followed by a session of gibbering. But it didn't, so I can just bask in the glory of having Been There. I can feel a story for the (yet to be born) grandchildren coming on already...

1 comment:

stef said...

this is how you can spot Aucklanders from Wellingtonians... anything under a 6 really isn't worth a freakout.