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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some help, please

Any readers who can tell me what this is for? It was strung across a river wot I walked up recently.

Sole theory to date is that it is some way to keep the cows down river?

Ta muchly.


Aucklander At Large said...

It'll be to stop drift wood and other debris from ending up in a harbour (or some such) when it floods.

Span said...

I'm not sure that would work, as the downward chains aren't affixed to anything, they just hang there.

Thanks for the suggestion, you may well be right!

G7 said...

How well a-fixed are the chains to the top? Could they be moved?

Whaleoil said...

It is for slowing down trees etc as they get caught up and then release slowly rather than build up into a massive dam and then smash everything in their path.

Was this above, by about 200m a bridge by any chance?

Anonymous said...

it won't do anything to stop cattle, they probably wouldn,t even see it

Span said...

It's not above a bridge - I didn't see any bridges across this river at all.

Would it be substantial enough to stop trees etc? The chains hanging down just hang loose, they aren't afixed to anything and don't reach the ground either.

The chains couldn't be moved along the wire at the top I don't think.

Thanks everyone for your info.