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Saturday, February 03, 2007


Let's see how y'all go with this one.

Last winner was HORansome, on two counts. Well done H!


Apathy Jack said...

Couple of streets over from Dominion Road, down the Roskill Shops endish.

Span said...

Sadly you are incorrect Mr Jack.

Not a million miles away. I'll give people a clue - it's under something, and it is in the Greater Auckland area.

There you go, that's TWO clues!

Span said...

Ok here's third clue, you are really guessing what this thing is underneath.

The clue is:
Relatively close to the spot where the Orpheus sank.

Gerrit said...

Pumping station wall under the Huia Dam.

Judging by the volume of Graffiti it is an older sructure

Span said...

Nope, but you are thinking sort of right.

I'll give you another clue - I think it's in Manukau City but it could be in Auckland City...

And the white paint beneath the graffiti is actually reasonably recent.

Gerrit said...

Footpath under the Mangere Motorway bridge joining Manukau and Auckland Cities. Which is about 30 clicks from where the Orpheous sunk.

Span said...


I did say relatively close. I was going to put near the Orpheus Festival (held on Waitangi Day) but I thought that would make it too easy.

The building in the snap is at the Mangere end, but I'm not sure whether the bridge itself would be classed as Manukau or Auckland. I guess it doesn't matter as long as no one lives on it (therefore no rates to charge)?

Gerrit said...

You would have to be pretty brave to walk that footpath.

Never knew why they put it under the bridge for all the low life to desecreate what could have been a wonderful walk if it was up along the roadway.

Span said...

I found it a pretty nice walk actually, on the day I did it we were the only people on the path:

But I certainly wouldn't want to do it at night.

The real shame about Mangere Bridge is that they didn't put extra lanes in for a rail corridor to the airport.