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Monday, August 30, 2004

a(nother) difference between the boys and the girls?

theme music: boys who like girls who like boys to be girls (etc) blur

one thing that puzzles me is the way that straight men seem to find the idea of lesbian sex attractive, but straight women don't seem to find the idea of gay (male) sex a huge turn-on.

(i really have no idea if gay men find lesbian sex appealing, or lesbians find gay sex hot, but i'd be curious to know)

perhaps it's that straight men largely assume that lesbian women just need their manly assistance to realise the "error" of their ways? and therefore they put themselves in the picture every time?

maybe it's just that there are two (or more) naked women in the picture?

i notice there are an awful lot of men about in the blogosphere- any comments that might enlighten me?


Blair said...

Well I couldn't resist commenting on this one...

The answer is fairly straighforward. Men are turned on primarily by what they see. They like looking at women naked. The only thing more of a turn on than a naked woman is a naked woman having sex. If the naked woman is having sex with another woman (as opposed to a man), that's even better, because a) Men look gross naked b) Watching a man have sex is no fun if that man is not you, and c) you are now watching TWO hot nekkid women getting all hot and bothered, so it's twice the turn on.

Some men project themselves into this sort of fantasy, but mostly I think it's just a nice show ;o)

span said...

thanks for that blair - very ahem enlightening

but why wouldn't women find gay sex a turn on in a similar way?

Anonymous said...

As a straight guy I love having sex with women, so hence how can I possibly find it offensive or off putting if a woman likes having sex with women also.

In fact I can't understand why any girls want to have sex with men, we are so yucky. i am just glad that many do :-)

As for why women don't get into gay male sex so much. Well I am not best to comment but I think it might be because typically it is shown as, umm, very rough and intrusive, while lesbian sex is usually seen as loving and gentle. I know that is all crap stereotypes, but I suspect many see it that way.

Male gay sex tends to involve sodomy which IIRC is only practised by around 20% of heterosexual women, so that could be a factor also. While lesbian sex tends to be the sort of activities (kissing, massaging, fingering, oral) that are fairly common in heterosexual relationships.

My 2c anyway

Hope this doesn't get your blog onto Net Nanny!


stef said...

to quote an ex: 'cause it's women and they're nekkid'

I find it weird too. Mind you male friends laugh that I've been up to the DMZ more than once purely on the basis that I can perve at the soliders.

span said...

more gross generalisations here - similar to what you were saying David i guess - that what women supposed like is the foreplay, and gay male sex isn't portrayed as involving so much of that?

thanks for your contributions :-)

Commie Mutant Traitor said...

A number of (mostly bisexual) women of my acquaintance do have a thing for gay male sex. It's primarily literary rather than visual, though. I can appreciate it myself, if it's well written, though it's not something I'd have chosen to investigate of my own accord.