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Monday, August 23, 2004

media reports of the marches and that ol' chesnut - march numbers

here are a posse of media reports on the marches in Welly today around the CUB issue:

TVNZ online report - says up to 6000 EIEers and up to 2000 pro-CUB marchers

Newstalk ZB - says police estimate around 9000 in total (ie both sides added together, how ironic)

Herald and Stuff seem to have used the same report, assumedly NZPA generated - says 5000 against CUB, no number for the pro-CUB marchers

TV3 don't seem to have their news on the internet these days but I heard them say 8000 EIEers and a few hundred pro-CUBers, on the telly

Scoop has two photo essays - Dylan Packman's and Kevin List's - neither give numbers

Prime News (first at 5.30 and all that) reckoned 9000 against the CUB

on Indymedia Rev Puss Puss Sherboune has posted several pics - click the arrow that points to the left to see the others

And in the blogosphere:

Just Left's very personal experience as one of the pro CUB marchers - estimates 5000 EIEers and 500 - 600 pro-CUBers - "Nobody who was there can ever forget the contrast: the hate and anger and black and red; versus the colour and diversity and humanity of our crowd."

Chinasoup's story of her feelings before, during and after the march - "I don't understand why a culture of love and tolerance and diversity doesn't benefit everyone."

DPF's recollection and pics - he estimates 3000 - 4000 EIEers, 500 - 1000 pro-CUBers - "I find it interesting that christian fundamentalists are in fact similar to muslim fundamentalists - they want a country governed by their version of God's law, rather a country based on tolerance for diversity."

Phil Rennie's tale from the end of the event - "If anything I felt sorry for the Destiny crowd; most of them seemed to be just following the leader."

My favourite blogged bit on this so far is Chinasoup's list of placards that she spotted - in particular the classic:

Brian's not the Messiah; he's just a very naughty boy.

seemed strange to laugh in the midst of reading such a sad post.

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