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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

putting things "right" with the big G

i'm not overly religious, not in any organised sense. i suspect (hope) that there's something else (especially some kind of pleasant afterlife!) but 5 years of Catholic school and 2 of Anglican cured me of any desire to join a church or similar.

recently i've noticed a number of people, not in the blogosphere but in another online forum, talking about putting things "right" with God, and mildly castigating those who don't. i find this a quite bizarre judgement.

should you be pressured to put things right? surely if you only put things right because of the harsh words of others you are not doing it for the right reasons?

aren't means (and reasons) as important as ends in religion too?

not even going to start on the fact that you shouldn't have to put things right anyway.

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