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Sunday, August 01, 2004

off to a wedding or a funeral

theme music: raindrops keep falling on my head

today is my region's conference for the alliance party. it's annoying that it is so beautiful and sunny and i am going to have to sit in a cold room at Trades Hall and listen to doom and gloom. :-(

i'm not sure what is going to happen, and it's the uncertainty that is the killer. we have two hours to talk strategy on the agenda, and for some reason we are spending another two hours talking about wanky little bits of policy like animal rights - i mean i do care about animal rights, but at a time like this i'm not sure that arguing the niceties of vivisection should be our priority. are we deciding this policy so that we can then try to impose it on the maori party when we practice entryism later? (i hope not)

my fingers are cold and i don't want to get up and go but i must *sigh*

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