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Monday, June 06, 2005

just in case you missed it

Here is a link to Victor Billot's "fire and brimstone" speech at Otago .

I can't indulge because I don't have speakers (that's speakers folks, I do have ears), but I'm sure you'll all just love to totter over and hear him at his fierce socialist best :-)


Oliver said...

Now that is a bloody great speech (and posted likewise on his site).
Pete Hodgson saying he 'used to give the same speech' as the Alliance candidate (anti-student debt etc, with the natural implication Hodgson has 'matured') really does make people like me wonder about the state of affairs...

span said...

i still haven't heard it grrrr. i think i will try to listen to it at work tomorrow, if i can work out where the volume knob is on the speakers there. or alternatively where the earphone jack is.