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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

selwyn pleads guilty?

As you may have noted on Tumeke, Tim Selwyn is in court today for conspiracy, sedition, the usual.

The Herald reports that he has admitted involvement in the putting of an axe through the PM's Electorate Office window, but is denying the sedition.

I'm surprised he admitted anything at all and will be fascinated to read his version of events when/if he returns to his puter to share. Mr Selwyn is always entertaining :-)

Update: Have corrected my earlier mistake that Tim had admitted doing the axe work himself.


t selwyn said...

One tries.

I have pled guilty to being a party to a conspiracy to commit intentional damage and await sentencing next month at the earliest. But I am going to trial on two sedition charges. I have to defend those. We can't hand the government a thought crime as a newly revived tool of repression can we? It simply won't do.

I've admitted that conspiracy intentional damage charge to save everyone a lot of time, effort and resources. Proving someone is a link in the chain (no matter where in the chain, how important, what they did or even if they knew who the rest of the chain were) is actually fairly easy to prove. If the Crown wants to make it about sedition then that's up to them - so far they seem rather intent on it.

span said...

hey Mr T, thanks for the info.

sorry i got it wrong in the post about what you admitted - i realised when i saw it on the news but this has been my first chance to come back and correct it.