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Thursday, June 23, 2005

ok one more

because offending catholics with pictures seems to be my hobby lately.

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Aaron Bhatnagar said...

Now that is simply outstanding - and I will be linking to this!

Roger Douglas' name in the early days of ACT was "the Holy Father" - one of the reasons why I consider my old stomping grounds "the Church of Roger Douglas".

Mellie said...

Very nice span. Liberal catholics are less likely to get up in arms when there's genuine humour involved. Just don't start on popetown.

paul said...

Ah, just WICKED! I'm still smilling!

paul said...

Awesome holy trinity don't you think?

Joe Hendren said...

hahhahha :)

thanks span that really made me smile

Pete said...

Absolutely brilliant

span said...

thanks folks :-)

it's interesting how people of different political persuasions are reading it completely differently.

i was trying to point out the political similarities between the 4th Labour Govt, National and Act, whilst also implying that Act is toast at the next election. Plus of course a handy little dig at the ol' RC Church.

but lots of right wingers seem to like it, like it's a compliment or some sort? what's that about?