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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

that time of year part VII - May

Here's where all this started: Span's New Year's Resolutions.

Totally ticked off:
1. Get a new job in the area I want to work in
- still no tick to the Roller Skate Reward though I have found a skate rink not too far from home. I think I am going to get the skates online as I can't find any shops in Auckers with what I want. And I want it noted that I started going on and on about roller skates before the cool Diet Coke and Shuffle ads.

5. Get at least one stamp in my shiny unused passport - see Vietnam posts.

In train:
3. Think positive - seem to have finally broken through regarding my new job being considerably different (environmentally) from my old job, which is a big step. All in all going pretty well despite several Bad News Assaults recently. Thank goodness for homeopathic seratonin and realising when you have Bridget Jones' Brain.

4. Resist over-committing - have slipped a little but still under control. Succeeding well in the Not Thinking People Have Huge Expectations Dept, which makes a big difference.

7. Get up to date with my Alliance projects - haven't done the project that has been on my desk Forever, but others are coming along nicely.

2. Exercise more - Finally back in this category after a few months off - I am thinking about exercise a lot and have started doing my little exercise routine again - yay! And I've been seriously considering taking a martial arts class of some sort. Any suggestions in comments would be most welcome. My aims would be to a) get fit, b) be able to kick some arse, and c) feel a little Uma Thurman-esque from time to time.

Totally not ticked off, not even a little bit:
6. Finish the kitchen - although I admit that I did bitch about it a bit just yesterday.

Past progress reports:
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Roger said...

Martial Arts, aye? What style you choose depends largely on what you want to get out of it. If you want to get fit and lose some flab (not that you have any as I have never seen you) you might think of something like Taekwondo which is a VERY good work out and you will learn some (not much) self-defence at the same time. From Taekwondo you would at least have the appearance of being able to kick some ass which is enough in most cases, people won't mess with someone that they are unsure of.
If you want to become a bad-ass brawler then I would suggest some boxing, thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu combined, or any variation thereof. You would learn lethal punches and kicks and be able to grapple with someone when they try to steal your wallet.
There are also Korean arts like Hapkido which are effective and also good workouts but it might be hard to find a club near you.
Here are some links that might help:

span said...

thanks a lot roger, much appreciated!

i am really looking for something that i can have a routine of exercises that i could do at home (eventually, i realise i wouldn't be able to do that overnight!) which would sort of flow into each other, if that makes sense. A regime that would be sort of like meditation once i had it down pat.

Will check out your links, thanks for sharing your knowledge :-)