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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

a good man

Yesterday I heard that David Wakim passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on the weekend, on a trip with his wife in Namibia.

David was a staunch advocate for social justice and for peace. I organised for him to speak to an Alliance branch meeting about Palestine once and was blown away by his open-hearted approach. David was also a local pharmacist and heartily involved in Ahmed Zaoui's search for asylum, not to mention the husband of the Child Poverty Action Group campaigner Janfrie Wakim.

Scoop has more detail on this amazing man, who I was lucky to know slightly through his daughter Larissa (we were both involved in AUSA together, and she is now working at the International Criminal Court in the Hague).

Rest in peace David, you have inspired many to continue your work.


tze ming said...

I'm too upset to post about it - I think the family is regrouping in AK soon for the funeral, maybe see you there.

stef said...

That's too bad. An aweful thing to happen so far from home.