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Sunday, October 09, 2005

unintentionally hilarious

Hat tip: Kakariki at Bloggreen

A very strange music video that I almost expected to be the product of Ricky Gervais. It's a Stormfront production that manages to actually avoid being offensive because it is so lame and unintentionally amusing. I particularly enjoyed the way the White Pride symbol slowly faded out at the end, a portent indeed - the will shall indeed triumph, but not yours Messrs Battlecry.

Would be particularly interested in some critiques from The Whig and Maria Von Trapp.


Aaron Bhatnagar said...

That's pretty poor effort - Leni Reifenstahl would be rolling in her grave!

Maria von Trapp said...

ok, I promise to have a look tomorrow, but right now I'm working off a computer that puts dinosaurs to shame....

and I'm about to explode with a splitting migraine. neato.

Ms Vile File said...

Good grief. Why are white supremicists always the worst representations of the race?

Nice to know Spinal Tap didn't kill off power rock anthems altogether.

Maria von Trapp said...

Gaaah! I tried to watch it at Uni but it wouldn't let me, and I'm a complete technophobe so couldn't get it working.

Sorry Span :(

STC said...

I didn't find it amusing so much as nauseating.