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Monday, October 03, 2005

nzusa results

I've heard that Joseph Randall, former EAO at AUSA and all round good leftie, swept into the first NZUSA co-president position for 2006 on the weekend - does anyone have the goss on who picked up the second spot?


Joe Hendren said...

Yay Joey! Well done dude :)

My understanding is that JR won enough votes to win the first co-prez position outright, but other candidates failed to reach some type of no-confidence threshold - I am not sure of the exact mechanism. I expect it will be election season at NZUSA for wee a bit longer while they elect a successful candidate to the second co-president position.

span said...

If the mechanism is still the same as back in my day it is a 50% threshold I think. I guess they will now go to a postal ballot, as it tends to get to a point where no one will change their votes enough to allow anyone to win and the balloting becomes an interminable process of sadism.

But yay for Joey! I heard the same goss as you Joe regarding Mr Randall's success :-)

stef said...

Yeah big ups to joey. It's been awhile since an ausa person has been co-prez for the national organisation.

Kate said...

Joey was also my EVP dont forget.
Jeremy Greenbrook (current president VUWSA) and Sandy P (Current president VUW) are fighting it out for the second spot. Its 2/3 of the vote to get in now.
I am so proud of Joey he will fit right in

GeorgeDarroch said...

Yay Joey. He was my Co-EAO and very much an all round nice guy. He's a very competent and motivated organiser. I think he'll do a great job.

span said...

thanks for the reminder Kate, i had quite forgotten about EVP (i literally just found his EVP card in my diary when i was cleaning it out, spooky)

it has been a while since an AUSA type was in the NZUSA leadership - would the last one be Sam Huggard?

stef said...

Oh and roshni sami. Anyway in true AUSA style I think they ended up voting against Sam but he got through anyway.

Joey said...

Cheers for all your support, it certainly is going to be a really important year.

NZUSA elections are interesting beasts, there are 3 rounds and to win you need to gain 2/3rds of possible votes in any one round. If there are 2 spots there are 200% the votes but any one candidate can only gain 100% of them. I won first round with 88% of the vote and then the president of Vic, Jeremy, and the president of Waikato, Shiju, battled for the other co-president spot but neither managed to get the required 2/3rd in any of the 3 rounds. It now goes to another 3 rounds in a month with nominations reopened.

Yeah Sam was the last co-pres and Roshni the last NWRO from AUSA.