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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

industrial rash - some pics

The SuperSizeMyPay campaign not only has a gallery of cool snaps from today's strike at Starbucks on K Rd, it also has some excellent ways that you can show your support for Starbucks workers, and indeed other low paid workers. Just have a look at their site, on the right hand side bar.

Ok too tired to post more coherently than that.


Mellie said...

Picketing is a great workout.

I found out two things today - a) the strike was happening tomorrow b) the strike happened today. I was so disappointed because I have tomorrow afternoon off and I was quite keen on going and taking along my bugle.

But good on the workers!

I'm tired too.

span said...

you are nothing but a picket whore Mellie, an industrial slut. good for you!

Oliver said...

Bloody good show Mellie!

Mellie said...

heh heh

And no, I'm not for sale (yet)