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Friday, November 11, 2005

things about span that you never knew you never knew

Finally got around to following up on MTNW's tag to reveal 20 random facts about myself. But actually I am going to cheat - I am going to do 10 now and 10 later, cos I am pushed for time and finding it hard to dredge up the memory power required.

1. In Standard 4 I was captain of the Irish team in our mock Rugby World Cup and got to play hooker.

2. I prefer masking tape (proper masking tape, not packaging tape which is a different beast entirely but is commonly mistaken for the One True Tape).

3. My first car was a 1984 Fiat Uno that had central locking you could hear across the street, not to mention the world's dodgiest gear box. It finally put itself out of it's misery by rolling down the hill in the middle of the night into a power pole.

4. I used to live on the same street as Richard Prebble's mother.

5. My threat of choice usually involves the shaving off of only one eyebrow. That way the victim has to chose whether to shave off the other one themselves or seek an inevitably unsatisfactory eyebrow pencil solution.

6. I have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But I'd like to.

7. When I am very very bored I will read ahead on the ITV Coronation Street site - they're currently running almost a year ahead of us, and it means I can put on my smug, knowing, look whenever someone mentions it in conversation.

8. I received a George W Bush postcard today.

9. I'm currently musing on Roald Dahl's characters, trying to work out which is my favourite for a fancy dress party in a few weeks time.

10. If I had to choose only one book to take to a desert island with me it would be the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (the illustrated one with the holographic cover from the mid '90s). Now that's class.

And I tag jarrod at First Against the Wall and Kate at About Town.

The remaining 10 will be poured forth across the page once I have managed to dislodge them and shake them into something approximating a coherent list.


Make Tea Not War said...

Oh no! Now I'm going to be spending all day trying to work out which is my favourite Roald Dahl character and I don't even have the excuse of needing to dress up for a party.

Maria von Trapp said...

I used to go to school with Richard Prebble's nieces.

AND I grew up on the same street as Sir David Kirk (captain of the All Blacks at the World Cup in 87).

Commie Mutant Traitor said...

You've never seen Rocky?!?

span said...

David Kirk was on my (very short) list of Men I'd Like to Marry, when I was 9. I had no taste back then. And no politics.

Maia said...

Wellington nieces or Auckland nieces Maria? That's a funny family politically.

span said...

I met one of the Auckland nieces at a party once when I was about 16. She seemed nice so I went and talked to someone else to avoid being rude to her just because she was related to Mad Dog.

Maria von Trapp said...

Palmerston North nieces - I think they might now be the Wellington nieces.

One was my age, and one was younger. The one my age was nice enough and exceptionally intelligent. This was back when I was about 9/10.

Kakariki said...

Go and get RHPS out from the video store NOW!


jarrod said...

Done. Finally.