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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

industrial rash

Two rather unlikely groups of workers are taking industrial action in the next week or so:

- Starbucks workers - over pay and security of employment (Unite, which covers the workers didn't seem to have anything up yet)

- Kindergarten teachers - over diversification (massive changes to hours of contact time with children both per year and per week) and associated issues (NZEI, their union, has info here)

Just thought you ought to know.


m@®©o said...

tell me about it
I have worked in Starbucks and my girlfriend is a teacher...
very interesting blog, I'll visit again

STC said...

The article on Cambell Live tonight about the strike totally rocked!

span said...

thanks mc :-)

i missed the telly stuff, as i was still at work, but i drove past the K Rd Starbucks about 2pm specifically to honk my support, but i think the picket was just over? i honked and honked, at the big group milling around, just in case :-)

The SuperSizeMyPay site is now up and has all the goss (pics, media coverage etc) on it though:

Jeremy Greenbrook-Held said...

Hey Span, My soon-to-be sister-in-law and mother-in-law were on the march for Kindy teachers today - were there any photos?

span said...

there are a few up here from around the country:

also the front page of the NZEI website is a good place to get the latest news and find out more about getting involved:

which march were they at?

Jeremy Greenbrook-Held said...

They were in Auckland.

span said...

oh goodie - i hope they enjoyed it.