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Thursday, November 17, 2005

suspicious minds

After all that eXistenZ-like pallaver about whether certain old-fashioned agrarians exist or not, AJ has a good summary of it all on his blog.

However, I would like to know which AJ comment(s) Whiggy faked. Perhaps he would care to share or was it all hot air? (I have been having rather a Dr Suess evening.)

Span's brief interlude into detective work has now ended. Expect usual political discourse to appear soon.


Make Tea Not War said...

Good spotting, Span. What a strange little storm in a tea cup this has been.

Blair said...

Three comments on this thread:

span said...

A little bit reminiscent of this perhaps?

Thanks for coming clean Blair.

Little Girl in a Black Apron said...

i was so upset when i found out those comments were fakes :( it was great getting even more angry at AJ :P... anyway i guess i dont need fake comments to enjoy this pleasure, there are plenty of real ones.