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Sunday, September 26, 2004

even worse than i thought

Over at No Right Turn, I/S has a pretty damn scary map of the fighting in Iraq.

this raises a very serious question - how on earth are there going to be "free and fair" elections in January 2005??? there's only October, November and December between now and January. and that's a whole heap of trouble that is not going to make Iraq's first go at real democracy in a very long time (ever?) any easier.

i see the Bush administration has started preparing the ground for elections in "three-quarters" or "four-fifths" of Iraq. that picture shows the reality is more the reverse - they'll be lucky if peace is secure enough to hold a vote in a quarter or a fifth unless there is a major change.


Greyshade said...

The reality IS pretty scary but maps can be deceptive. Iraq has an awful lot of desert where not many people live and the occupying forces don't control it very effectively. I assume that when the Yanks talk about 3/4 of the country they mean 3/4 of the population (still unacceptable of course). It's a bit like those equally scary electoral maps of the USA showing nearly solid red but lots of people and elecoral votes in the small blue bits.

span said...

true about the sand - but also I/S made a good point about how they are determining "peace" given that Baghdad is marked down as peaceful. it's true that we can't really know, statistics (and maps extrapolated from them) are torturously twistable things, sigh.