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Monday, September 06, 2004

a strange rash

spotted in manukau city yesterday. mostly stuck to road signs but also stuck to local body candidates' signs, regardless of denomination.

basically these signs will mean nothing to the vast majority of NZers. If it hadn't been for my run in with the BCIRers at a public meeting a month or so ago it would mean nothing to me.

what worries me about these signs is that they have stuck them on election ones - basically garnering for themselves fake endorsements. to date i've seen them on signs for Manukau Vision, Citizens and Ratepayers Now, Dick Quax, Bill Burrill, and others. how is it "real democracy" to misrepresent the position of these people and tickets? and to misrepresent the support that BCIR has?

*BCIR is Binding Citizens' Initiated Referenda

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