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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

not witty but accurate

well on the drive to work today i see one of the Citizens and Ratepayers Now signs has been defaced with DEVELOPERS in red spray paint. actually it's on the Vote David Hay for ARC bit that's been tacked on the bottom (the CRN signs are in dark blue, so quite hard to deface). I noticed as i drove home tonight that the other side is sprayed with BIG BUSINESS.

there's certainly no denying that CRN has strong links to business - and we aren't talking about SMEs here, for the most part. it takes serious money to buy full page ads in the Herald, and an even bigger pot of dosh to create the pro-roads "supplement" from last week.

and as for the developers angle - well there's a CRN sign up on the Keith Hay Homes vacant section in Lynfield. enough said really.

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